Using bedroom curtains in Dubai is a great way to add visual interest and improve privacy in your place. Curtains can be used to create separate areas or to tie a room together. Curtains can also make your space look larger and more spacious. If you want to make your place look bigger with curtains, here are some tips to help you achieve your goals

Try using curtains with bold patterns:

For a bold effect, try using curtains with bold patterns. These patterns can draw the eye and distract from other room details. For instance, using a polka-dot curtain in a child’s room will make the room look less cluttered. If you prefer a more understated look, try using a neutral color like beige. You can also create cohesion by matching curtains to your armchair.

Try using sheers:

If you prefer a more natural look, try using sheers. This will allow natural light to filter into the room and provide a soothing ambiance. It will also prevent the carpet from fading.

Try using a window rod that is several inches above the window frame:

You can also try using a window rod several inches above the frame. This will give the illusion of a larger window and allow the curtains to be stretched out and hung higher than the frame. You can also use fancy curtain trim to dress up your existing curtains. You can use Wundaweb to add this decorative trim or a sewing machine to add it yourself.

Use floor-length drapes:

Another way to increase the size of a room is to use floor-length drapes. Floor-length curtains create the illusion of a larger space and are also good for rooms with high ceilings. You can purchase floor-length drapes in many colors available at nearly half off. These curtains are thick enough to block 100% of the sun’s UV rays.

Use curtains to add a bit of texture to a room:

You can also use curtains to add texture to a room. Gridded curtains add depth to your decor and speak to other colors in the room. They also create a polished look. The gridded fabric will make your home feel warm and cozy.