A List Of Vape Tools?

A vape is an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking. This device comes with an atomizer, a power source like a battery, and a container like a cartridge or a tank. The demand for these devices is increasing over time as it is a great alternative to smoking. There are various vape tools you can buy from Smok Nord. Some include a Rebuildable tank, Squonk box, and Pod mod. You may be wondering which one is right for you. Read on to discover more.

Squonk box:

If you’re looking for a new mod, you’ll want to consider getting a squonk box. These devices are great for enhancing your vaping experience and providing massive clouds. There are a couple of options, and we’ll take a look at each below.

Whether you want a larger vape bottle, a better flavor, or less leaking, you’ll want to buy a squonk box. This type of device will change the way you vape forever. Unlike other mods, this device will not leak or waste your e-liquid. Instead, it can deliver more vapor while retaining the flavor.

Rebuildable tank:

The rebuildable tank is one of the most important tools in the vaping toolbox. It is a great way to continue vaping even if your tank breaks down. It requires low-cost supplies and can last for months. Rebuildable tanks also come with convenient storage cases.

While most rebuildable come with the required tools for installing coils, a good screwdriver set can save you a lot of hassle. Make sure you have a set of flat hex head screwdrivers. Also, invest in a good pair of scissors. Having a dull pair can cause unnecessary hassles, especially when trimming cotton.


A cig-a-like vape tool is a great entry-level device for vaping. They resemble a cigarette, are similar in size, and even have a draw-activated feature. Many cigalikes have a battery that lasts up to an hour, but the battery is rechargeable, so you can use it as much as you want.

Pod mod:

When it comes to pod vapes, you have several options. First, there is the Apollo Pod Kit, perfect for a first-timer. This pod kit comes with five different nic salt pods so that you can satisfy your nic cravings in no time. Its simple operation makes it ideal for anyone to use. You just need to insert the e-liquid pod into the battery, press a button and inhale.